Where can young fit guys buy clothes that fit?



Tell me if this has ever happened to you.

You’re at a name-brand department store and you find the exact dress shirt looking for. I mean, it’s the right color, the right pattern (striped, not too thick, casual, but would work with a suit too), and your exact size – 15.5 neck, 34 sleeves.


Then, you take the shirt home, open up the bag, and suddenly realize you didn’t buy a dress shirt, you bought some sort of striped parachute with sleeves. I mean, the shirt looks normal enough at the collar, but it balloons down to epic proportions.

Since when was it ok for retailers to assume that a dude with a 15.5 inch neck is going to have a 50-inch waist?

I’ve tried all kinds of tricks and hacks (like sewing my own shirts or wearing military-issue shirtholders—they’re really uncomfortable) to get a good fit, but nothing fits quite right and I’m not sure I want to shell out for a personal tailor.

So, guys, tell me what your experience has been. Do you have a big chest and skinny waist? How about a powerlifter’s thighs underneath a respectable six-pack? Have you found some great places to shop or have you thrown in the towel and resigned yourself to wearing Eminem sweats for the rest of your life?

And are there any stores out there selling solid clothes for young guys at a decent price?